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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fall is for BAKING and an Update on Robin

As promised, I have another baking treat to share.  I come from a long line of great cooks!  Both my grandmothers and my mother could really throw down a meal.  My sister and I used to run around my grandmother’s house between the meal and the dessert, just so we could make room for whatever had been baked for the day.  I am surprised we didn’t get sick from doing that, but can’t remember that we did.  All I can remember is how good everything tasted and how much love was put into preparing it.

So, this is what I made yesterday (and a second one today!).  This is my mother’s Buttermilk Pound Cake.  When we were growing up, my sister and I would grab a slice of this as soon as it came out of the oven and spread homemade blackberry jam over the top.  You see, whenever there was freshly made blackberry jam, it was time to make this cake.  It is a wonder I don’t weigh 300 pounds!


We are waiting for the insurance company and Robin’s doctor to come to an agreement about the medical necessity of the IVIG therapy.  Yep, the insurance company is questioning our doctor about what he believes will help Robin.  Exasperating! 

As we wait, we will keep trusting that God will open doors as He has on so many occasions throughout this journey. 

Robin is also taking some herbal therapies to fight Bartonella.  These therapies are in liquid form and she starts with one drop, twice a day and gradually works up to 25 drops, twice a day.  There are several different ones and you start with one and then add the next and she is on a different number of drops for each and it can be a nightmare to keep up with.  Especially since if she has an adverse reaction and needs to go down a drop on one of them.  Are you confused yet? 

But, Robin and Ken keep it straight.  I am so proud of them and so thankful for their determination to stay in the fight!  I probably would have given up by this point.

And Then...
(finally back from a long commercial break)

Robin spent the summer of 2008 at home.  David and I wanted her to concentrate on her health, first and foremost.  She was able to earn a little money by babysitting and helping a friend clean houses.  She helped me by making dinner most nights and helping with the cleaning. 

There was only one trip to the doctor over the summer.  Robin was experiencing stomach pain.  The doctor’s diagnosis was constipation.  This was the first indication of a problem in the GI tract. As our story unfolds you will see that this was just the beginning of a long struggle with digestive health for Robin.

1 comment:

  1. Oh my dear Robin,
    I can totally empathize your Health dilemma and what must feel like a nightmare!
    This last year I have 3 major medical hurdles to endure and still healing from . Where would we be without our Faith/
    I always remind myself that God is testing me - and- I WILL pass this test!
    I want to share with you something that is special and easy to remember: FROG = Forever Rely On God - this gives me strength and awesome reminder.

    This Buttermilk Pound Cake looks divine. I hope to make your Banana Bread recipe this weekend. Did you include/share the Pound Cake Recipe?