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Friday, July 11, 2014

Chronicles of our Journey with Lyme Disease

Cool photo, huh?  That's my daughter, Robin on the right, hamming it up with her friend Ashley during a missions trip to Honduras back in 2006.  This picture marks the beginning of a long and horrifying journey for Robin.  A carefree, godly young woman started a downward spiral beginning with this day of her life.

After returning from the fun outing of climbing behind the waterfall in order to jump into the pool of water below,  Robin started running a fever and was not able to participate in the evening activities.  She rested and upon waking, discovered a rash on her face and abdomen.  The trip was almost over.  Everyone was tired and ready to come home.  Robin pulled it together, packed up and was ready when their airport transportation arrived.

She had an amazing time while in Honduras.  I wasn't with her, so I can only recount the stories that have been told to me.  I believe these pictures tell the story much better than words--

Sharing the Gospel, playing with the children, participating in the worship services and having fun--Robin loves the LORD and it shows in everything she does.

After this trip, though, her life slowly began to change.  I want--I need--to share her story with everyone I can reach through this blog, Facebook and Pinterest.  I have learned in the last two years, that it is the story of many people.  It must be told so that those who are suffering as she has, can get help before it is too late.

Robin has Chronic Lyme Disease.  In the weeks ahead, I will share our journey.  It is a spiritual journey.  It has been a long, hard journey.  And the journey is far from over!

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