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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Return of the Razor Blades

Can you imagine how that must feel?  "It feels like razor blades cutting my spine."  That is how Robin describes the pain when she is in a flare from treatment.  That is what she is feeling now.

Last week gave us some answers, but the return of the debilitating pain in the spine has overshadowed everything else.  The results of the IVP conclude that Robin does not have kidney stones.  We are thankful for that!  

Last night Robin began the second phase of the parasite protocol.  This one consists of Ivermectin (targets roundworm) and Pin-X (targets pin worm).  Her doctor's notes for this phase read:

"...the dosing listed is the full dose which potentially will be tolerated fine but we do have patients with variable responses to these medications and those who are very sensitive may need to start with 1/2 the full dose or even less.  You can use your judgement as to how well you are feeling at the time, starting with a lower dose if you feel this is needed, but try to work up to the full dose as soon as able."

A text from Robin at 4:30 this morning confirms that we will need to reduce the dosing for her tonight.  This phase is for fourteen days.

Please join us in prayer for:

  • Robin to have strength to endure the pain and nausea
  • David, Ken and I to have supernatural insight of how to comfort Robin
  • the medications to work
  • peace in the midst of the storm
Today, I find comfort in this song by Ron Hamilton:

O, Give Thanks to the Lord

July 5, 2014 - smiling through the pain

And Then... be continued when Robin is more stable.

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